Filmed interviews are still a powerful and effective way to communicate your message.

Interviews can be used for a variety of uses, from CEO's, video press releases to more personal historical and memorial pieces. Filming as I do with small mobile equipment means these interviews can be done with a minimal of fuss and time. To learn more about mobile film making click here

video interviews


There are times when a simple interview can be a powerful tool to communicate a message or preserve personal memories or preserve something of historical interest. I offer packages that vary in length from 5 minutes to an hour. 

Below are three examples of how the video interview can be used.

Personal profile

Patrick, who suffers from chronic MS, wanted to record a little about his life and the impact MS has on it. This simple format gives an insight into the disease and how one person deals with it.  You may not want to talk about illness but maybe you've led a life some of which you think needs recording for prosperity. 


Charities and good causes are always looking to communicate with their supporters and attempting to move interested spectators into commited supporters. An interview highlighting a new project or the charity's vision and mission can help you do that.

Artist profile

I've filmed many artists over the years from legendary photographer, the late Terry O'Neill to graffiti artist and social campaigner Rich Simmonds. The video gives artist an opportunity to take their art beyond the gallery.


Large and small businesses alike use video to boost website rankings and communicate their message. Video can have a significant impact on your website. It can help with SEO optimisation as well as presenting an easy way for visitors to connect with you and your vision. It's not just for your website, it plays an important role in you social media presence and marketing. All interviews I make is provided in a variety of formats suitable for different social media platforms


Chief executives and senior management are busy people but an interview can be a great way to communicate the values and vision of a business. The interview can be produced quickly and effectively

Press Release

Produced for Origin Comms on behalf of their client Centrify. The publication Global Banking and Finance submitted the questions and these were put to the Centrify spokesman. The finished production was branded to Global Banking and Finance specifications and was published on their site.

Interview Showreel

Have a look at some of the people I have filmed over the years. Done in many different contexts and used in a variety of ways.