Business Video Starter Kit

Video Production and Social Media Promotion for £695


Video and social media combined are the Posh and Becks of the internet. You really can’t have one without the other!

Video content on social media attracts more views, more likes, more shares and more comments than any other type of post on social media. What’s not to like?

Video influences buying decisions as customers gain instant access into your world and your expertise, and the ‘know, like and trust’ element in the relationship happens faster. 

76.5% of professional marketers and Small Business owners that have used video marketing say it has had a direct impact on their business”.

So, what’s stopping you from using the power of video?

Maybe you’re concerned with how you sound and look on camera, spiralling costs, or just don’t know where to start.

Well here is some good news! 

With the Business Video Starter Kit, there are no spiralling costs and I will get the best out of you. I will guide you and help you make a great video that works for you, creating more awareness of your expertise that ultimately leads to more customers.

The Business Video Starter Kit is THE perfect solution if you want to see a dramatic increase in viewers, engagement and brand awareness.

Making Video Work is committed not only to creating and publishing your video, but using our expertise to promote your video on your favourite social media platforms.

My Facebook hit 6.1k Views and YouTube 1.6K Views”

The Business Video Starter kit has everything you need to make and promote your video.

Business Video Starter Kit

This is what you get;

A video filmed at a location(s) suitable for you.

In preparation for filming we will guide you on the content and the look of the video to suit your brand. This includes helping you with the script

The production will last for between 3-6 minutes and will include your graphics and contact details. The footage is edited and given to you in a format suitable to upload to YouTube.  You will also be provided with a caption file that you can upload to YouTube.

Videos created for Social Media Platforms.  

Because not all social media platforms are equal, we will format your video suitable for social media platforms. You can choose from the following options.

  • Facebook video with embedded subtitles
  • 3 x 1 minute extracts from your main video suitable for Instagram.

Instagram videos are currently limited to one minute in duration. In consultation with you, we will pick up to three suitable sections of 55 seconds and top and tail them with your logo.

In addition to all of the above your video will be promoted on YouTube. and also promote your video to quickly gain you viewers. Views bring more views, helps your video to be found in YouTube searches and will reinforce your online presence.

I have a wealth of experience in knowing what works best when it comes to promoting videos. Interested?  Well don’t take my word for it.

Cheryl Laidlaw, Website in Day

I’ve wanted to create a video for ‘Website in a Day’ for around 18 months but never found the confidence to do it. At the start of the year it was one of my goals to get this complete and to get over my shyness on camera.  I’ve known Gordon for 7 years and knew he was the man to help me.  Gordon made me feel really relaxed on film and told me to trust, him which I did. I had a few ideas in mind for the shoot and Gordon bought them to life. 

I was so nervous when I got the email with the first draft but I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t believe it was me! The video was bright and I came across in the professional manner I was hoping for. 

My Facebook hit 6.1k Views and YouTube 1.6K Views.

Within three days of releasing the video, I had my first client.

I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Gordon! 


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The Business Video Starter Kit is available to you for only £695.

Jo Tocher, Holistic Therapy and Miscarriage Mentor

I recently asked Gordon O’Neill to make a video for my new website. The process was simple and easy and I was guided by Gordon on how to speak and what to say. The professional way he made the video speaks for itself. I was very happy with the end result and felt it was worthwhile hiring a professional for this rather than do it myself. He also took the footage and converted some of it into snapshots for Facebook and Instagram marketing. 

I would highly recommend Gordon and his videography skills.


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The Business Video Starter Kit is available to you for only £695.