Do you want to create a video but find the prospect daunting? You’re not alone. That’s why I partner with companies to take away the hassle and make a video that works for you.

I am an experienced film maker, video editor, producer and director working with businesses, charities, good causes and organisations.

With over fourteen years of experience and having worked with clients such as Vodafone, Sony Ericsson, 3M, local councils and charities, I bring my creative expertise from exploring Passivhaus in Austria to behind the scenes fashion shoots.

I work with clients on all aspects of production. From concept through scripting and final delivery. I can advise on the vital area of utilising video online through YouTube and other online channels including Social Media.

Third Space Film is committed to making video work for you.



Making Video work requires a strategy. Who and where is your audience? How do you want to engage with them and on which platforms?. Making Video Work is committed to helping you have the right strategy in place for your video before we even start filming. Identifying a strategy is key to coming up with content to engage and challenge.

lego cameraman


Making Video Work offers a production process suited to your needs. From small one camera to multi camera productions. We offer all the constituent parts needed for your production, camera operators, presenters, voiceover artists, music we can call on a roster of highly talented video practitioners.

User Generated Content

Harness the power of your supporters and staff to generate video content. 3rd Space offer hands on training for staff and supporters to generate engaging content.